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patient raising lower leg and pinching pain point lightly
Lower Leg Pain

Lower Leg Pain

Lower leg pain can occur at any point in the day and for any number of reasons.

At AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers, it's our job to pinpoint the exact cause of a patient's lower leg pain and provide relief as safely and efficiently as possible. More often than not, lower leg pain is caused by a musculoskeletal injury or from natural wear and tear (aging). Other times, lower leg pain results from spine problems, poor circulation, or a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis. Treatment for lower leg pain is dependent on the patient's condition and severity of symptoms. The team at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers may recommend a combination of therapies such as nutrition counseling, weight loss, physical therapy, massage therapy, and more.

chiropractor applying pressure to patient's lower leg around shin