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person holding their right wrist slightly twisted to cut down on pain from minor wrist injury
Hand & Wrist Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain

Hand and wrist pain is generally caused by overuse, injury, or an underlying condition like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand and wrist pains can be caused by a variety of factors, both chronic and acute. Depending on the exact cause a patient may suffer from radiating pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, or muscle weakness in the hand and wrist. Patients suffering from hand and wrist pain may struggle with everyday motions such as making a fist, grasping objects, or turning the wrist. The pain may be caused by sudden injuries like fractures and breaks, or repetitive actions resulting in damaged tendons or a pinched median nerve, as in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Arthritis, a disease that causes the progressive degeneration of cartilage in the joints, is commonly found to be a source of hand pain as well. 

In many cases, pain in the hand and wrist will develop due to poor desk posture and improperly leveled desktops, which force the wrist to bend upwards in order to type. Office workers can avoid this type of injury by ensuring their chair is at a proper height that allows the hands to type in a relaxed, natural position. Taking regular breaks from the keyboard is useful as well. You can go above and beyond by performing various wrist and hand stretches in order to relieve tension and loosen the muscles of the hand. . No matter the cause, hand and wrist pain can negatively impact a patient's quality of life. If the pain does not go away on its own, it can often grow worse over time, and if left untreated can result in chronic, debilitating pain, and a loss of hand or wrist function. Seeing a doctor specializing in hand and wrist pain, their causes, and the roads to treatment can bring not just short-term relief but long-term recovery. Seeing a hand and wrist doctor early can prevent the need for surgery later on, particularly for carpal tunnel.

AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers has a team of doctors and medical professionals that will work together to identify the factors in your hand and wrist pain and the treatment that best leads to recovery. In addition to physical therapy, our specialists may implement a nutrition plan to reduce inflammation in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the hand and wrist joints.

woman demonstrating where her wrist is tender due to a minor wrist injury