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Why You Should Consider Trigger Point Therapy

Why You Should Consider Trigger Point Therapy

Almost everyone has experienced a tight muscle that feels like a knot.

This knot is known as a "trigger point." Trigger points are not only a cause of a lot of back pain and shoulder pain but often a sign of underlying spinal problems. Trigger points are painful and restrict proper nerve and blood flow to your organs and tissues. If a trigger point is left untreated, scarring, loss of strength and range of motion, and even restricted blood flow can occur. The end result is chronic pain other issues such as poor sleep, stress and anxiety, difficult emotions, medication problems, and so forth.

We offer two widely recognized treatment options to help relieve and remove trigger points from your body.

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger point massage is a very focused form of massage targeted at breaking down the fibrous scar tissue that forms in a typical trigger point. It is comfortable to receive but more aggressive than typical Swedish massage. The goal is restoring function to the area of pain not just temporary relief.

Trigger Point Injections
Trigger point injections given in a typical pain clinic or medical facility utilize Cortisone (a steroid) and are widely known for side effects, including fat atrophy, bone loss, adrenal fatigue and other problems. At AFC, we choose to use Cortisone as a last resort--not the first. We utilize Sarapin, a much safer and natural medicine, and numbing agents to make it virtually pain-free and with virtually no potential for side effects. Sarapin is a plant-based medicine derived from Pitcher plant, also known as the Fly Catcher. When Sarapin is mixed with lidocaine, it provides both immediate numbing and long-term pain relief. This powerful combination can help break the cycle of pain.

To ensure that you receive the best results possible, we combine both types of care simultaneously (massage and botanical injections) for results that are phenomenal and long lasting.

If you suffered an injury that has resulted in chronic pain, Trigger point therapy may be a possibility for you. Trigger point therapy offers a safer, more natural approach to relieve pain and remove those stubborn knots from your body. It truly is an option worth looking into!