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Quick Sciatica Relief and Recommended Doctors near Phoenix, AZ: Sciatica Patient Reviews

Swedish massage technique for lower back tension

AFC Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Centers has helped many patients who have suffered from sciatica. We aim to provide exceptional care and improve the overall health of our patients. Here are 2 testimonials from our patients:

#1: Quick Sciatica Relief with No Bed Rest

Paige came into our Mesa clinic hoping for relief from debilitating sciatic nerve pain and in just 3 weeks, saw a difference that was like day and night. She said, “They are VERY thorough here, making sure I had imaging done before they even touched me. They wanted to truly get to know me before anything was done, instilling a sense of trust in me, the patient. This is an all around care facility. They not only offer adjustments, but they have massage therapy, a physician's assistant, and physical therapists here, as well, making sure we are taken care of from all aspects. They will not limit you from your activity and want to make sure you are back doing what you want or need to do as soon as possible. The support here has been amazing and I am truly blessed to have fallen into their care.”

#2: Highly Recommended Doctors for Sciatica

Another patient, Dori from our Desert Ridge location, was referred by her yoga teacher who saw her suffering from a bad bout of sciatica. She says “This place is amazing! Every single person there will know your name after the first visit. They are caring, friendly, professional, and dedicated to helping you feel better.”

If you would like to experience this care yourself, please don’t hesitate to request an appointment.

Next month, we will be taking a look at another condition many people live their whole lives without getting sufficient help for: back pain. Check back soon!