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Pain In Lower Back? AFC Can Help Without Medication

woman with fern leaf draped over her back, someone's hands on her head

Most people will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their life.  This condition can be described as:

  • Severe pain, even with the slightest of movements

  • Pain when pressure is applied

  • A constant, deep ache 

This pain can be caused by a number of different things such as:

  • Injury from sports

  • Carrying heavy items incorrectly

  • Sitting on hard surfaces

  • Bad posture 

To find relief from this pain, it is common for individuals to take medication, apply ice or heat packs, and/or do stretches and exercises that target the affected area.  In more drastic situations, some individuals go through surgery to finally find relief. At AFC Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Centers, we want to help get people off medication and avoid unnecessary surgery.

Here are some tips for lower back pain relief:

  • Planking: Planking is an excellent way to strengthen your core which, in turn, helps reduce lower back pain.

  • Walking: Walking strengthens the muscles that support your spine, it helps increase blood flow, and it is a simple way to flush out toxins from your body.

  • Stretches: There are many stretches that can provide relief to lower back pain such as the Bird Dog Yoga Pose, Arm and Leg Raises, exercise ball exercises, and StretchTrainer stretches.

Living your life should not be painful.  It also shouldn’t be difficult to enjoy things without medication and surgery.  AFC Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Centers can help you get off medication, avoid surgery, and life your life pain-free.

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