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Bringing Knee Pain Relief through Holistic Care

physical therapy for knee, lunge with curved back and balance to strengthen knee

AFC Physical Medicine’s holistic approach to knee pain will help you get to the root cause and give you relief. As with other symptoms that would bring you into one of our AFC locations, patients with knee pain will receive a detailed consultation, thorough examination, and x-rays if necessary. Dr. Sculley and I have found that patients who come into our offices usually have one of two main reasons for their knee pain: muscular imbalances between your IT band (outer thigh muscle that connects hip to knee) and your vastus medialis (inner quad muscle), and arthritis of the knee joint. AFC has treatment options that can help with both conditions, and many more.

Knee Physical Therapy 

Let’s talk about the treatment for the first condition: muscular imbalances between your IT band and your vastus medialis muscles. When this imbalance leads to knee pain, your IT band is very tight and trigger points are usually found within the muscle. Meanwhile, the vastus medialis muscle is weaker. Treatment for this condition involves our physicians’ assistants performing natural trigger point injections into the IT band and manual therapy performed by one of our licensed massage therapists. AFC will also prescribe exercises in the office to strengthen your inner thigh muscle. Chiropractic adjustments to align the knee cap for proper stability will also be treated. In certain cases, foot orthotics may be recommended to maintain proper knee alignment.

Arthritis Knee Treatment

For patients with pain resulting from knee arthritis, proper alignments from our chiropractors can help prevent future wear and tear to the knee. In addition, our physicians’ assistants may provide Supartz or Synvisc. These are synthetic versions of the normal lubricant in the knee which, when injected, protects and soothes the cartilage, preserving it against future injury. 

In most of our patient cases, treatment for these conditions can result in relief immediately or in a couple of weeks. Knee pain can be debilitating and many individuals go years living with this pain. You do not have to live like this! Schedule a chiropractic appointment and let AFC help you.