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6 Holistic Steps to Better Nutrition

hearts filled with fruit, strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, green grapes, grapefruit, and cantaloupe to symbolize healthy nutrition

Our team of holistic nutritionists and doctors is going to set you up for a healthy lifestyle all 2020. To kick off the new year, let’s revisit our 6 healthy habits to start right now, and how the AFC holistic nutritionist team can help you with each step toward a healthy new year.

1. Detoxification. Your body is exposed to 8200 chemicals a week! They bind to fat cells and affect how your liver functions. At AFC, we work with you and show you an easy way to detox your liver. Our doctors will help jumpstart a 3-week detoxification plan for more severe patients.

2. Nutrition. You are what you eat! Our holistic nutrition doctors provide customized nutritional evaluations resulting from blood work. From there, we make personalized recommendations on food and supplements for you.

3. Exercise. Movement is life! Holistic nutrition means finding ways to exercise that you love. AFC will give you exercises and stretches for your spine and areas of pain to help you feel better. We will always show you how to do the exercise or stretch if you need help.

4. Weight loss, if needed. AFC will provide you with anti-inflammatory diet guidelines and our 30-day clean eating guide.Meet with a holistic nutrition consultant to make a plan that works for you, starting with a good nutrition plan to spark weight loss.

5. Allergy testing and solutions. Allergies create inflammation! This may obviously cause a runny nose, but, did you know allergies can also cause pain? Our nutrition doctors can check up to 79 environmental factors and 20 foods that you may be allergic to. Holistic nutrition means looking at all the factors, and that means discovering your specific allergies and making a plan to eliminate, limit, detox, or even recover from your allergy to these specific allergens. We offer treatments that can help you breathe and eat better, affecting all parts of life.

6. Get your spine checked. The spine is the fuse box of the human body! Your spine and nervous system control all your organs, glands, blood flow, and pain receptors. At an initial visit at one of our AFC offices, our staff will perform a detailed consultation, comprehensive spinal examination, and x-rays. These three processes together help us determine if your spine and nervous system is functioning properly.

2020 is the perfect year to jumpstart your decade of good health. Meet a holistic nutritionist to get started. Let us provide you with the extra push. Schedule an appointment today!