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Back-to-School Backpack Tips

back-to-school backpack tips

School is right around the corner, or the school year has already started for some districts. Either way, we're here to help your kids start the school year right and make sure your child's backpack won't cause injury to his or her growing spine.

Did you know the recommended weight of a kid's backpack should be no more than 15% of their body weight? Experts believe backpacks weighing more than 15 percent of a child's body weight can put the child at risk for conditions such as chronic back pain, back and neck strain, inflammation, accidents and potential long-term spinal damage.

Take a look at these other helpful tips for backpack safety and injury prevention:

  • Avoid bags or backpacks with one shoulder strap.
  • Choose a backpack with wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded back. If your school allows rolling backpacks, that's even a better option so that no strain is put on the back whatsoever.
  • Organize the backpack to use all of its compartments. Pack heavier items close to the center of the back.
  • Make sure the backpack doesn't hang more than four inches below the waistline. A backpack that hangs too low increases the weight on the shoulders, causing your child to lean forward when walking.
  • If you think you child's backpack is too heavy or ill-fitted, look for these red flags: forward head posture, one shoulder positioned higher than the other or tilted hips when standing.
  • If you're unsure if your child's backpack could potentially cause problems, visit one of our 7 valley-wide clinics for a consultation.

Make this school year a great one by going to your local AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Center. Chiropractic is a safe, gentle, and effective way to help keep kids healthy all year round. Contact us today if you have any additional questions or want to learn more about how chiropractic care be beneficial to your growing kids.