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7 Reasons You Need a Chiropractor

A healthy spine leads to a healthy life. It's important to be kind to your spine—especially since October is National Chiropractic Month.

If you're ever had a chiropractic adjustment, you know just how good it makes you feel. But why are adjustments so important for your long-term health? Here are seven reasons you need chiropractic care as part of your health care routine.

1. Pain relief without medications

Spinal adjustments remove pressure from inflamed nerves. Adjustments help you to achieve relief without the side effects of over-the-counter or prescription medications.

2. Less back and neck pain

Treatment resolves existing back and neck pain while continued care preserves spine alignment to prevent flare-ups.

3. Better joint mobility

Spinal misalignments can lead to joint pain and immobility. Adjustments can relax the muscles that cause joint stiffness.

4. Improved mood

Treatment cuts stress hormone levels and increase those feel-good hormones. You may notice that as your pain diminishes, that helps to improve your mood overall.

5. Lower healthcare costs

51.8% less is spent on pharmaceuticals by chiropractic patients. 

6. Improved sleep

Pain treatment helps patients get more restful sleep. Increased energy levels are also a treatment byproduct. 

7. Better overall health

Chiropractors address diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Patients have less pain and fewer colds, and generally feel healthier.