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5 Health Goals You Can Actually Stick to in 2019

woman strengthening arm muscles by leaning on back of park bench

Raise your hand if you went into the new year with the motto, "new year, new me."

On the first of the year, you probably took the approach to do a complete 180 of your daily routine in nutrition, exercise, spending habits, and more. However, most of us have the tendency to bite off more than we can chew with our New Year's resolutions and ultimately makes us feel like those goals can never be attainable. 

So now that we're a couple weeks into 2019, how have you been sticking to your goals this year? 

If you've fallen back into old habits, don't fret. It typically takes close to 21 days to make or break a habit, so push through with determination and it'll soon become easier to stick to those goals. 

Big, sweeping New Year's resolutions can be tough to stick to. These smaller ones, however, are much easier--and they're good for you, too. 

#1: Sit differently.
You know, for better posture. As many of us have desk jobs, here are some quick tips to help with that: sit up straight with shoulders relaxed, make sure to choose a chair that supports your lower back, adjust the height of your chair and computer monitor to help you look at the center of the monitor, and your feet should be flat on the ground. As well, your wrists should be rested on the desk with a minimum bend. 

#2: Set a bedtime alarm.
We all know the importance of sleep, so as many of us aren't able to sleep in later, setting a set bedtime will help ensure you can get enough rest all around. 

#3: Drink 8 glasses of water daily.
This one never gets old; there are tremendous health benefits in drinking more water! It boosts our energy and immunity, helps with weight loss, aids in digestion and stress relief, hydrates our skin, much more. 

#4: Eat veggies at breakfast.
Breakfast is often overlooked as an opportunity to squeeze in vegetables. Try adding a handful of baby spinach to your scrambled eggs, topping your toast with avocado, or saute some mixed vegetables as a side to your meal.

#5: Exercise for 15-30 minutes daily. 
We know this is another classic one that's heard often, but it's still a good goal to achieve for a number of reasons! It keeps us healthy, gets us moving, builds strength, helps us mentally, and much more. Start light, such as walking, and build momentum from there with other activities like swimming, hiking, strength training, HIIT workouts, and yoga. 

As we go full force into this new year, we hope you embrace the opportunity for a fresh, healthy start.

If you are making your health a priority this year, we at AFC are here to help you commit to finding a solution to your health issues and/or be proactive in living a healthier lifestyle. We'll promise to help you make that change, and our New Year's resolution is to ensure you fulfill that goal. Request an appointment today to start the journey of living a healthy life all around!