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Tory Kes, D.C.

Tory Kes, D.C., is a chiropractor at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

Dr. Tory grew up in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She called Minnesota "home" until 2010 when she decided to move to Arizona to escape the cold. At 33, Dr. Kes decided to make a career change as a registered dietitian/clinical nutritionist. As she researched the necessary educational requirements, Dr. Kes became a chiropractor solely based on the philosophy that the body is capable of healing itself. She completed her undergrad in Human Biology and obtained her chiropractic degree while being a single mother with four kids. Her son followed in her footsteps and has become a chiropractor as well.

Having been a gymnast and coach for 15 years and being certified in personal training and group fitness, when she realized she could incorporate her passion for nutrition, fitness, health, and natural healthcare into chiropractic medicine, she instantly knew she wanted to become a chiropractor. Having worked as a chiropractor for many years and owning two clinics of her own in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Dr. Kes is devoted to and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and love to help others change their lives so they can too. She enjoys witnessing the changes her patients go through under her care. She likes seeing significant improvements in patients with little to no mobility or function. Dr. Tory believes she is blessed to work with various patient cases in the Valley.