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Todd Forbes, D.C.

Dr. Todd Forbes is a Chiropractor at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Tempe.

Dr. Todd Forbes was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He attended the University of Alberta during his undergraduate years and went on to studying at Palmer College of Chiropractic West,graduating in 1995.

Over the past 27 years of practice, Dr. Forbes has formulated a personal philosophy that recognizes and champions the need for a multifaceted approach to healthcare. This entails collaboration of multiple providers from different disciplines working towards a common goal; that of facilitating the patient to achieve their true health and functional potential.

Dr. Forbes also believes in personal responsibility and accountability. Both becoming and remaining healthy takes work, but it is through the educational process that he so enjoys being part of, that the roadmap to achieving such goals are possible.

Dr. Forbes employs a number of different chiropractic techniques such as diversified, SOT and Thompson drop, coupled with ergonomic counseling and a emphasis on flexibility and strength training to optimize musculoskeletal rehabilitation.