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Sofia Filzer, PA-C

Sofia Filzer is a Physician Assistant at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

Sofia was born in Bandung, Indonesia of Eurasian descent and grew up in Australia. She lived in Middle.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” This simple quote is the best way to describe Sofia. She lived in the Middle East before making United States her home 20 years ago. She recently moved to Arizona and is enjoying the unique landscape and beautiful sunsets. She obtained her Masters
degree at East Carolina University, North Carolina. Her medical background includes pulmonary, internal, and sleep medicine. She also worked as Humanitarian Medical Aid Worker. She is passionate about learning and understanding the unique healing powers of the body, and how the body and mind are closely connected.

She is excited to join AFC Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Phoenix. She is joining a dynamic team with an integrative approach to help patients improve their ability to move and appreciate the joy of movement. She wants to be an active participant in her patient's life.

In her spare time she enjoys exploring all Arizona has to offer with her rescue animals, hiking, yoga, meditation, riding her motorcycle, and making flower arrangements.