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Joshua Gothelf, PA-C

Joshua Gothelf is a Physician Assistant at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

Joshua Noah Gothelf, MMSc, PA-C, is a Certified Physician Assistant specializing in integrative nutrition, gut health, and hormone balance. A truly integrative practitioner, he utilizes diagnostic techniques from conventional medicine and merges them with holistic treatments. It is his belief that in order to set a proper foundation for optimal wellbeing, one must get to the root cause of the issue; this includes focusing on both the physiological and emotional aspects of health. He motivates patients to take charge of their own wellbeing and educates them to successfully reach their health goals.

Joshua was born and raised in Miami, FL. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Joshua then went on to attend Barry University where he completed his Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. In between degrees, he worked as a physical therapy aide and taught science in Middle school. 

In addition to seeing patients, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife Sheera and his 3 daughters. They take every opportunity to travel to different parts of the country to hike outdoors or visit museums.