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Gail Beard, D.C.

Gail Beard, D.C.
Gail Beard, D.C., is a chiropractor at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

Dr. Gail Beard was born and raised in Seattle, WA and is a chiropractor at our Peoria location.  She received her undergradute degree in Human Anatomy and then attended Western States Chiropractic College.  Dr. Beard has been practicing for 23 years and specializes in different techniques such as the diversified technique, use of an activator, and use of the Thompson/drop table.

Dr. Beard’s father was a chiropractor so she grew up with the knowledge of the benefits of holistic medicine.  She worked in the legal field for many years but had a realization that her future was in chiropractic care. She takes pride in helping people become healthier and free from constant, debilitating pain.  She loves seeing the positive changes in patients during their treatment program as well as their confidence to expand their activities and improve their quality of life. Her goal is to continue to provide patients with first-rate treatment.