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DeAnne Miller, D.C.

DeAnne Miller, D.C., is a chiropractor at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

After graduating from Arizona State with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, Dr. Miller knew she wanted to continue her education in the health field. She considered nursing school, physical therapy and osteopathic medicine, but nothing was in line with her philosophy of health and healing. As fate would have it, while working out, she injured her back and was in desperate need of relief. She found herself in a chiropractic office and to her amazement was up and walking within a couple of visits. Her chiropractor shared the essence of the chiropractic philosophy was to enable the body’s own innate intelligence to heal itself--no drugs, no side effects, no surgery. Finally, Dr. Miller had found a health system consistent with her philosophy!

Shortly after that, she found herself back in Iowa at Palmer Chiropractic College. Four years of intensive study and an externship trip to Nepal left Dr. Miller with a deep passion and commitment towards helping others in restoring their health.

Her vision is to provide life-enhancing chiropractic care to all ages, in an environment which encourages people to embrace greater life expression and continued well-being.

Dr. Miller's philosophy is based on the concept that a proactive approach is more sensible than a reactive one. She wants to inspire and lead people to be healthier, better human beings, not because they are afraid of, or trying to avoid getting sick, but because they want to be healthy, well and want to get the most out of life!

It is Dr. Miller's passion to take care of entire families. Having a specialty in Pregnancy and Pediatrics, she feels it is important for all babies to be checked by a chiropractor after the traumatic birth process. We know that ensuring children’s spine and nervous system are functioning at their best, not only contributes to their overall growth and development, but will produce a much healthier adulthood. Families who make choices for proactive health care are teaching their children that their health is a valuable asset. Young or old, everyone can benefit from better health through chiropractic care and nutrition!