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Benjamin Glasman, D.C.

Benjamin Glasman, D.C., is a chiropractor at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

Dr. Benjamin Glasman was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia. Dr. Ben, as he prefers, spent most of his life playing sports and became fascinated with exercise and nutrition at an early age. While on his way to becoming a competitive bodybuilder, he sustained injuries that could have been debilitating. However, through his own personal journey of Chiropractic, physical therapy, and physical medicine, he not only recovered, but rose to a national level in his sport.

"Chiropractic gave me back the will and ability to do what I wanted to do in life. Now, my mission is to give others the chance to overcome their, "impossible," and live their best possible life." - Dr. Ben.
When not treating patients, Dr. Ben loves spending the day with his wife Brandy, and his three amazing little girls. They reside in Gilbert, Arizona and enjoy playgrounds, exercising, and living, what he calls, "The little kid" lifestyle.