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Our Approach

Our Approach
Our chiropractic approach is designed to give you expert tools to heal holistically.

So– what does AFC stand for?  We are Accident Family Care, but we like to think AFC stands for Awesome Family Care because you don’t need accident-related injuries to experience the successes of our chiropractic approach!

Whether you suffer from minor allergies or debilitating chronic pain, we can help. Our talented team of physicians’ assistants, chiropractors, medical assistants, physical therapist techs, and massage therapists are trained to treat the following conditions and injuries with minimal invasiveness and maximal results across our multiple Arizona clinics:

Accident Family Care has a team of professionals that will assess your health and develop a chiropractic treatment approach to best suit your needs. After undergoing a complete physical examination, your practitioner and their team will collectively agree on the best approach to your therapy, whether through chiropractic or other treatment methods. These physically rehabilitative methods may include a number of minimally invasive therapies,holistic techniques, and corrective chiropractic.

Severe cases or acute or chronic injury in addition to illness or genetic health concerns may require a referral for additional care. Nevertheless, you will always be made a top priority at Accident Family Care.

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